Multiplicity 101

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I think what Ryn said about sticking firmly to saying “this is the truth, deal with it” is a good idea. That said, I haven’t had much experience with that sort of thing, though. If I tell people about the system, it’s usually after a long time of determining if they would be receptive to that sort of thing. Two of my good friends in the outworld are never going to know, simply because I think they’d tell me I was delusional. It’s an important part of my identity, but it’s also relatively private for me, so I guess it bothers me a bit less if I don’t get to tell people. I also have people I know who are also systems, and of course we know about each other, so that helps a lot. The majority of my friends don’t know, though. And I don’t think I’m ever going to tell them, and that’s okay. I guess, if sticking to your guns doesn’t work, maybe just try to accept that they might not believe you? Some people just aren’t as receptive to that sort of thing, regardless of how good/nice a person they are otherwise. Making friends with other systems also helps ease that discomfort, since you would have an outlet for talking about system things, and sharing experiences.

- Ariane (Four Quadrants)

Speaking as someone inworld who doesn’t interact with the majority of Ariane’s friends (she fronts the majority of the time), I guess it bothers me less when people don’t believe we exist. I know I exist, and so do my husband and people important to me. But they are also inworld, heh. I think if I fronted more, it would bother me. I guess what I am trying to say is also to try to be close with people in your system? That can be a support network also, and can help a lot. I’ve gained some wonderful friends since I’ve arrived here, and they’ve really helped me with things, including coming to terms with being here (I thought that this was a dream for the longest time, and that I’d wake up in the war again. So, effectively, I thought none of this was real). That was sort of a ramble, but I hope it helped. :)

- Blue (Four Quadrants)

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